Poesía erótica. Erotic poetry

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Poesía erótica.

Anillo que has de ceñir el dedo de una hermosa muchacha, en ti nada se debe valorar sino el amor de quien regala: ve y resúltale un obsequio agradable; que te reciba con alegría y que enseguida te ponga en su dedo; que te ajustes a ella tan bien como ella se ajusta en mi cintura, y que rodees convenientemente su dedo con un círculo en su medida. Feliz tú, anillo, porque te va a usar mi dueña. Tengo envidia ya de mi propio regalo, pobre de mí.

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(OVIDIO.  Amores, 2, 15 [Vicente Cristóbal López])

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Erotic poetry
Ring, it is your destiny to encircle the finger of my beautiful girl, nothing should be valued more than the love of the one who gives it: go and surround her in pleasure.
May she embrace you with absolute joy and immediately place you where you’ve always belonged. May you shape to her as well as her legs shaped perfectly around my waist, and may you conveniently belong there. Happy you, ring, because my lover is going to cherish you. I’m already envious that my gift will always be in her presence – unlike myself.

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