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How to Learn Spanish?


Firstly, I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are getting into your house and seeing a magic lamp. Suddenly, a genie comes out and tells you, “Ask me any wish, but only one.” What will you ask him for? I am entirely sure that you will wish to study Spanish with me. 


Please think about your excellent teacher and they teach you how to learn and speak Spanish and every subject you want. Apart from Spanish, what language would you like to know? English? Italian? Above all, I can teach you how to learn smarter, better. Then you can learn all languages you desire.

So I will guide you not only as a teacher but also as a coach. I think that teacher is a word that is going out of trend nowadays in a fast-changing world.


There are lots of traditional teachers who teach you what to learn, but not how to learn. For that reason, I recommend you to read the book limitless.

 Learning is a lifelong and endless process, so for that reason, you need to know the following details: how to explore, understand your brain functions, learn to read and listen to music, translate and compare different languages, and finally, The importance of repetition and doing a plan, etc.

For example: how do you say, I am in front of the church in Spanish and Italian?

To begin with, IN FRONT OF means DELANTE DE in Spanish and DAVANTI A in Italian.

So you can say ESTOY DELANTE DE LA IGLESIA in Spanish and SONO DAVANTI ALLA CHIESA in Italian.

For instance, how do you say I’m behind the church?

Behind means DETRÁS DE in Spanish and DIETRO A in Italian.

Example: Estoy detrás de la iglesia. Sono dietro alla chiesa.

Do you want another example? Yes! Here is your great teacher to help you how to learn in becoming a better learner

Let’s continue with the preposition  NEXT TO, which means AL LADO DE in Spanish and ACCANTO A in Italian.

For example: He is next to the tree. Él está al lado del árbol. Lui è accantoall’albero.

For intermediate and advanced levels, I ask my students to write the same sentences with different words and prepositions because languages are flexible. In other words, you can say the same idea in different and comprehensive ways.

In conclusion, If you want to learn Spanish with me, I invite you to book a trial lesson for only 2 dollars.

Teaching is my passion. I will be happy to help you.

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Por rockdomenico

I am a certified teacher + 9 years of experience.
I received a specialized certificate in Spanish language teaching from the Cervantes Institute.
I completed a course about how to teach according to the needs of my students.
I received the Qualified level 5 Certificate in teaching English as a foreign language.
I am also an established art dealer who specializes in art restoration and framing.

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