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Why Is Art Education Important?

Do you consider art education necessary? Would you like a school to be a place to laugh, learn, aspire and dream? They are just some questions to ponder.


In this paragraph, I will tell a little about my experience studying art education. When I was in school, I had a music teacher who taught me to play the piano for one hour a week. Also, I remember that in high school, I learned art education for 2 hours a week. All the other subjects seemed to be out of art; there was no integrality in the school curriculum. Then I studied at the Libertador Pedagogical University and excelled in the Performing Arts course for only one semester.

Nevertheless, I have always wondered why schools, high schools, and universities do not comprehensively teach art? You can see geography, mathematics, history, English, and other subjects using music, painting, theater, literature, film, and others. From my point of view, not educating children about the importance of art in school is disastrous.

Have you had the opportunity to go to a museum?

If you have not been yet, I invite you to do it with a guide person who will explain everything related to art. I assure you that in just one hour you will learn about history, religion, culture, painting, you will know the biographies of many artists, etc. Visiting a museum is immersing yourself in learning.

How can we improve the art of education?

Teaching art has been scientifically proven to help improve memory, lower stress levels, and connect you more with society. Art also develops creativity, self-confidence and strengthening our identity, that is, know who we are. Art has proven to be an excellent means of education.


Firstly, I want a profound change in the world educational system. Secondly, I desire that education as art and science can create a curriculum centered on each student’s tastes and aspirations. Further, I think a school should be a place for poets and artists and that the student is allowed to listen to music and sing. Moreover, It should be a place where children can laugh, dream, draw, create a blog, read, etc. Besides, I want a school with qualitative and not quantitative evaluations and where learning is an eternal process. In this place, mistakes should not be marked with an X but are a means of reflection and discussion.

I have created my website as a new way to integrate art with education for all these reasons.

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Por rockdomenico

I am a certified teacher + 9 years of experience.
I received a specialized certificate in Spanish language teaching from the Cervantes Institute.
I completed a course about how to teach according to the needs of my students.
I received the Qualified level 5 Certificate in teaching English as a foreign language.
I am also an established art dealer who specializes in art restoration and framing.

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