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How to Learn a New Language?

Firstly, «How to learn» is the most innovative method of the current teaching system. We live in the information era and it is not already neccessary to attend a traditional school to get information as we did many years ago.

Today I am going to name four tips to learn how to learn.

Four tips to learn how to learn a language:


First, you should understand that reading is a cultural heritage of humanity. Second, Scientists have created all technological and innovative devices for reading and exploring. Also, if you want to use the Internet, you need to read a lot. Moreover, it is also a necessary tool in learning. If you desire to learn a new language, you have to read and enjoy it.

In conclusion, I recommend reading a lot, but be careful about everything you can find on social networks. Furthermore, you must know what things to study and how to read them. Knowing a method, technique, and having a plan, are essential.


Foremost, You have to make an action plan and organize your learning schedule. Some teachers recommend reviewing every 24 hours after receiving the lesson, then within 15 days, and then one month after finishing your last class. In this way, long-term memory is strengthened. However, I recommend reviewing as many times as you can. The more you do it, the better. On one occasion, Socrates said: «I know that I know nothing» From my point of view, he said that phrase ironically because he was a remarkable philosopher. To clarify, what he meant was that the constant search for knowledge is necessary. Every time we review, we learn something new, and it is also a humble way of showing that we do not own the truth. We always have to learn.

Meditation is necessary to learn.

There is nothing wilder than our mind. Thousands of thoughts come and go. So how can we control that disorder? The only solution is meditation. Take at least 10 minutes a day to meditate, breathe deeply, focus your attention on something beautiful. For example, when I meditate, I think about the time I spend with my family on the shore of a lake watching the trees and birds, observing the water moving slowly, I imagine myself listening to pleasant music, and so on. Please do not let the phone rob you of power. It is a terrible distraction for learning, so turn it off or mute it while you study or meditate.

Teach what you want to learn.

You should share your knowledge with friends and family who are interested in what you are learning. Socrates, the philosopher, taught in the streets, argued, asked many questions. The Socratic method of asking insistently, being curious, and questioning everything you know, will lead you to have a good learning experience. Besides, when you teach someone, you involve your feelings and emotions.

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How to learn a language
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